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While watching the Overpopulated documentary, I found it very interesting how overpopulation can lead to so many problems. You do not really think that there is so many overpopulated areas around the world until it is actually brought to our attention. However, it is a major issue all around the world today. With the world and our environment being in this position, there becomes less and less resources available. That being, natural resources. The more, people that there are, the more resources that will become used. The earth cannot naturally produce but so many resources on its own. One way in the documentary to show ways to prevent overpopulation was a woman in Bangladesh who went around door to door educating woman on the importance of the environment and giving them resources to access ways of things such as birth control methods. Women conceiving at such a young age and continuing to do so has become a big issue in today’s society and for the environment. Not only is it affecting our government but it is affecting our environment as well. When people are living with larger families and little income, they begin get aid from the government. When the government runs out of money that makes it harder for it to aid to things such as bettering the environment. Therefore, people themselves have to take money out of their own pockets to create groups and organizations to help and educate communities about the importance of the overuse of resources from overpopulation. This makes it harder for people to do because to get a legit organization started, it takes money, people, and educational factors to get it started. This documentary helped me think about the environment a lot differently and encourages me to make changes within my own life to be more sustainable.

3 thoughts on “Overpopulated Documentary

  1. I too found this documentary to be very interesting. I was really inspired by the lady in Bangladesh going around giving women forms of birth control because there needs to be more people like that, that are willing to help out the community.

  2. I also found this really interesting! I had no idea util recently just how overpopulated the Earth was, and the activity we did in class that told us how many Earths would be needed if everyone lived like us was really eye opening. I definitely will have to also watch this documentary!

  3. Thank you for your thoughts, Lauren. It is interesting to think about this issue from the context of government and private spending. Whose responsibility is it to pay to mitigate the effects of overpopulation, overconsumption, etc.?

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