Last Wednesday, Coca-Cola showcased their new PlantBottle. This new PlantBottle is still made from plastic, however instead of the plastic being derived from petroleum it’s derived strictly from sugar cane. This new bottle have reduced the Coca-Cola companies’ carbon emission by an estimated 319,000 metric ton. By 2020, Coca-Cola plans on exclusively making all their bottles by using this green packaging method. Coca-Cola hopes to motivate other consumer packaged goods industry to shy away from non-renewable fossil fuels and used more renewable plant-based alternatives.
In my opinion, applauded what Coca-Cola is doing to help improve the environment. With Coca-Cola being such a big name brand, I hope they are successful and getting more name brand organization to follow suit. Some companies such as, Ford, Heinz, Nike, Procter & Gamble, Busch Gardens and SeaWorld have already started using PlantBottle for some of their products. Ford Motor Company started using PlantBottle packaging in the fabric interior of its Fusion Energi hybrid sedan. Busch Gardens and SeaWorld are using the PlantBottle packaging for their recyclable plastic cups. Heinz, on the other hand have been using PlantBottle technology for their ketchup bottles since 2011. The PlantBottle Packaging Innovation Platform hopes that by getting different companies to use their technology they can demonstrate that their technology can be used across different companies’ spectrums; such as cars, carpet, and clothing. By getting different companies to use this technology they hope to help lighten the footprint on the planet. PlantBottle is taking the first step to improve the environment on an industry base level.

This technology is overall amazing. I hope that other name brand companies continue to follow suit. If more organization continue to support renewable technologies, I believe we can improve the environment while also lowering our carbon footprint. I think this would be a great technology for universities, schools, and hotels to adopt in their classrooms/ hotel rooms as well.

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  1. This is really neat. Big corporations like Coca-cola do have a lot of power, which can oftentimes be quite scary, but it can also be used for good. Perhaps it’s reflective of a trend in consumer demand and changing values?

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