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Nature Inspiration

Hey there,


I wanted to spend some time to write a blog post on nature and how much I appreciate it. I feel extremely connected to that natural world, and I always have been. I am not the most environmentally sustainable individual, but I have always appreciated nature and what it brings to our lives. I live with my fiance and we are always outside just enjoying the backyard, the lake, going for bike rides around the block, and more. We will leave our phones at home, grab our portable radio, and ride around the block a few times just to see what it going on around our community. This is definitely a conscious effort, though. Our society and the way they view the natural world has changed so much even over the past few decades. We are so technology reliable and an indoor society- we are glued to our phones at all times and we do not spend nearly enough time outside enjoying the sunshine. As a society, we have to make a conscious effort to put the phones down and get outdoors or else we will waste our life not enjoying the little things. This is why it is so important- it is so simple. It is relaxing for you to go outside, let go of the stress for a few minutes, and just breathe. That is how we use it! We get so caught up in school, work, family, paying bills, etc. that we forget how lucky we are to have those struggles. When we go outside and do something as simple as take a bike ride and listen to the birds, it really brings us to reality of how lucky we are to simply live.


I hope this little blog about how much we love riding our bikes around the block encourages you to get outside, too! 🙂


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3 thoughts on “Nature Inspiration

  1. Tim

    Good inspirational post. It’s hard to imagine leaving my phone indoors if I plan on being outside. I feel like I just NEED it in case of emergency. It’s like a Life Alert to me now. Sorta crazy to think about, because I’m 30 years old and this didn’t become an issue for me until I turned 21 (the year I got my first Blackberry smartphone). Before that, I just had flip phones or indestructible Nokias. I never felt the sort of dread or anxiety that I’d feel nowadays if I were to leave it somewhere though. It didn’t HAVE to be in my pocket. There are still activities to this day where I prefer not to have it on me. If I’m at the beach or pool, the risk of it getting damaged by excessive heat or water increases. If I’m skating, it feels like I have a brick weighing me down, just begging for me to fall on it and break it. When I was a kid, I’d ride bikes with my friends all the time. We didn’t always have a destination and that didn’t matter. We definitely didn’t have cellphones then. We were elementary school aged kids riding all over the city (Kenosha, WI) with NO phones! I think back and wonder how nobody was scared for our lives because we’d be “cut off from the world” for so many hours at a time. I agree with you though on how technology has turned us into an indoor society. It’s pretty dystopian, but also pretty true.

  2. bankss1

    I really loved this post! Enjoying the outdoors is so important and its great that you do that! I agree that we are so technology-reliable and we need to take a few minutes just to enjoy this present world outdoors. Thanks for sharing!

  3. gilhulyrm

    This post was great! Exploring and getting outside can benefit you in more ways than you know even if it is for a short time. Thanks for sharing your experience.

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