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The Interconnectness of Ecofeminism and Ecowomanism


In a news article by Huffington Post, titled “The Essential Interconnection of Ecofeminism” the concept of how humanism and the environment coincides and interconnects with one another is shown through womanhood. The article is spot on with how the environment can be shown through the nurturing nature of woman but I would like to further dive into this concept, purely focusing on ecowomanism, which is a branch under ecofeminism. 

Environmental justice reflects ecowomanism from the perspective of African and other women of color. How we treat the earth compared to how we treat women runs parallel to each other. Justice is often incorporated into the faith of black women being that they had to overcome the results from white supremacy. Living in a society that constantly devalues black women has made justice a priority for black women. In essence, black women are interconnected with the earth. Our bodies are the works of the natural, giving us a commitment and connection to the earth expressed in African descent philosophies. Not only has the body of a black woman has been devalued by white suppressors, their environmental connection and spiritual connection to the earth has also been thwarted and abused, with systems of patriarchy and white supremacy. When women bodies were raped and assaulted during slavery, their intellectual gifts of being in connection with the earth were then seen as property. White suppressors robbed black women of their right to engage in the environmental movement. Ecowomanism is a branch stemming from feminism, lifting the lives of women of color, especially black women in the environmental justice movement.


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