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Personal Change

One thing I have considered changing my lifestyle is eating more fruits and vegetables and less meat. I have enjoyed finding foods that I have not typically used in the past. For instance, I have begun buying many fruits to make smoothies with. Once I begin to divide up the fruits I bought, have a lot more than I thought. I was always under the assumption that fruits do not last long and are overpriced. Once I actually started looking for different ones I found that they were not expensive at all. Mangos are only 89 cents and can make about 3 smoothies mixed with other things. I feel as though this decision is more sustainable than eating more meat on a daily basis. This has already enriched my life especially nutritionally. I rarely ate fruits and vegetables like I should but now I get plenty of both. Some triumphs of this personal change are trying all kinds of fruit combinations to create all kinds of flavors. I have also gained knowledge on an assortment of fruits and what they pair better with. Some struggles have been finding smoothies that fill me up enough. It is hard to make enough smoothie that is equivalent to my typical meat-centered lunches.I can definitely see myself sticking with this change. It has been fun and healthy. When I go back home I even miss my blender. So I feel like I will continue this for years to come. If anyone is wanting to change their daily routine or diet I suggest starting small. For instance, I still eat meat, but I simply eat more fruits and vegetables instead. Smoothies are the way to go. They are cheap(make them yourself) and delicious.

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  1. keegancr

    I totally agree with you! I love buying fruit and if I start to think it’s going bad I just freeze it and then use it in smoothies. It stays great for smoothies and you don’t waste!

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