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Blog post #5 Waste Deep Documentary


While watching the Waste Deep I began to think about some of the plastic waste I am producing. Every time I go to the grocery store I am buying items that are eventually going to be thrown away or recycled for further use. But some of these items are made of a variety of such harsh materials that it makes it almost impossible to fully it down break down.


In my first blog post I talked about how an important product to me was shampoo and conditioner. Usually those kinds of products last me a long time, but when over 7 million people all need their own shampoo and conditioner, that is bound to produce a lot of waste. Hair care products in particular are made of many harsh materials, plastic, glass, metal, paper, ink etc. all exist in these products and make them very difficult to break down.


I think the next step in policy making would be to implement sustainability in many grocery stores. Having all recyclable goods, glass bottles, and mandatory policies to bring your own bag would be a good way to eliminate plastic and food waste. I know that in some states this is already happening and there are many efforts to reduce food and packaging waste. But our efforts in South Carolina seem almost minimal to the efforts of others.


I recently found this insider video of a grocery store that is zero waste. I think places like this could be so easy and beneficial to our environment. Check it out!




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