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News Article: A Running List of How Trump Is Changing the Environment


Nat Geo article posted March 23, 2018

This post in National Geographic keeps an updated timeline of how the Trump Administration is making changes to legislation affecting the environment in real-time. This is an incredibly important tool to be aware of, as not every policy change makes national news headlines. The article notes how much the Trump Administration has cut funding for the EPA, energy research, climate and clean-energy programs, the Science to Achieve Results (STAR) program, as well as loosening restrictions on toxic air pollution and changes in word use, including the removal of the words “climate change” from FEMA’s strategic plan for future disasters. The great majority of the new Trump-era changes are to roll back and change all progressive Obama-era regulations and legislation. Essentially, all his moves, with news titles like “TRUMP REVOKES FLOOD STANDARDS ACCOUNTING FOR SEA-LEVEL RISE”, “TRUMP EPA POISED TO SCRAP CLEAN POWER PLAN”, and “NOAA CANCELS RULE TO PROTECT WHALES FROM FISHING NETS” are very clear indications that the Trump Administration does not believe climate change is a legitimate threat, or if they do, believe that business and money mean more than people and Earth. This is very important to be aware of, because as these changes go into effect, the environment will continue to degrade, affecting those who likely never contributed to environmental issues in the first place, like the poor or native peoples.




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