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Points of Intervention Talk

I went to the points of intervention talk in February and heard a panel speak on the different ways in which it is possible to intervene in our linear economy. The focus of the talk was to give real life examples on this topic and help students and faculty at the College brainstorm ways that they too can intervene. The panelists included a farmer from the Charleston Gullah-Geechee community, a manager from Low Country Local First, the Founder of We Are Family thrift store, a professor from the College who teaches on green supply lines, and a man from Boston who was working to minimize the effects of trash incinerators in his city. All of the panelists began their work in unique ways and each addressed a problem with their own unique skill sets.

For me, it allowed me to see how many ways there are to intervene in the linear economy besides just recycling, composting, and taking shorter showers. Personally, my dream job is to be an art history professor, so it was very helpful to see how the position of professor can influence the way that students think and see the world. For example, people in positions such as this could offer credit for doing environmental work in the community, or teach interdisciplinary lessons on environmental awareness.

This talk was incredibly interesting and allowed me to see all the different ways that one can get involved while still operating in the realm of their own personal discipline and alongside things that they are personally passionate about.

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  1. prof.saunders

    I was so glad to see you at this panel discussion! I wish I could have stayed for the whole event. I think you’ll be a fantastic professor one day!

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