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Personal Change- Buying Less

Something about my lifestyle that I’ve wanted to change to create more sustainability is thinking twice before I go shopping. Well, for the last few weeks I’ve made some changes. I always want to buy new clothes, shoes, and makeup when I already have more than I even need! So, something I’ve been working on is not buying anything or going shopping unless it’s a necessity or food. Another factor that I’ve been keeping in mind when I have to pick something up from the store is how long will this last me? After taking this class I’ve realized that I buy so many cheap items that do not last me or that I bought because I was on a budget. But I realize now that it’s better to invest in something that I can have for a long time rather than something cheap that will break in a few weeks. The biggest impact from clothing and other goods is the production, where and how it’s being shipped, and how we dispose of the things we don’t want anymore. Something else that I’ve recently done is donated a ton of my clothes that I don’t need anymore or don’t wear any longer. I now understand that I’ve been caught up by the messages that the media and the fashion industry tell us, they we need the newest, biggest, best thing and that we need to keep buying more. Understanding that I don’t actually “need” these things has really helped me appreciate the things that I already have and I have become more carefree from not letting big industries control me and how I spend my money. Living with less is more, I like that I’m not worried about what I’m going to wear in the morning. My struggles occur when my friends want to go shopping or when I see a cute shirt in the window of a store. My advice for that is to still enjoy the time your friends want to spend with you but just think about the amount of stuff you already have that others living in different situations don’t! An awesome benefit from restraining myself from buying things is that I’m saving so much money now. I’ll be able to save up for a trip that I will have so many memories from rather than material items that do not last. Living more sustainably is a goal that I’m motivated to succeed in for the environment, others, and myself. Advice I have for any others trying to do this is to revamp your clothes and make them look different, share clothes with your friends if you want a “new” dress to wear to an event, and invest in things that will last. I’m not saying that it’s easy because there is plenty of people who will try to persuade you to buy things and the media doesn’t help either. By starting with this small step, I’m hoping to incorporate more sustainable living in my routine. With one step at a time maybe I will even be able to stop eating meat.

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  1. prof.saunders

    Way to go, Mary! I think saving up for a trip is a perfect way to reward yourself for living a more sustainable lifestyle. You can think of it as a budget, both in monetary terms, and in ecological footprint terms.

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