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Change Starts at the Individual Level


Hey there,

I chose to write my first blog post on personal change. This is the first environmental class I have taken at the College, and it really opened my eyes to how simple it could be to make an effort to live more sustainably. I understand that this is an also very complex process, but there are some simple, run of the mill, things I could be doing daily that, in the long run and with everyone combined, can make a huge difference.

First, I am trying to start actively recycling. If I am honest, I did not recycle one bit before this class. I didn’t grow up recycling, therefore when i moved out it never really came to mind. It is an adjustment, and the main struggle I have had is just simply remembering. Remembering not to just throw everything in the trash can- if I can get that part down, I honestly think it will not be a struggle. This helps the environment and our community by saving energy- large amounts of energy.

Second, I have been working on saving water. I began doing this a few months ago after taking global health. Before, I would run the water while I was brushing my teeth, washing dishes, and etc. Then I realized I had the water running, going straight down the drain and not even using it, for five minutes at a time. It instantly made me think of the West African women walking 5 and 6 hours for water, seen in the Gallery Walk, and I knew I needed to be more water conscious. This is better for our environment, and our society, by simply conserving water to ensure that we are not being beyond wasteful and ungrateful for such a vital resource. So far, I have done very well. I will definitely stick with this sustainable goal, and encourage my family members do so as well. We shouldn’t take clean water for granted, considering we practically pay nothing for it, we should be beyond grateful.

Lastly, and I haven’t tried this yet but have thought out briefly, is solar energy panels. Our local electric company offers incentives and a payout option, that I would need more details on, for buying solar panels for your home. Not only will this benefit our environment by using renewable energy, but it applies to the consumer in large amounts too. One struggle with living sustainable is that humans always need to know how it benefits them. One large benefit to solar panels is your electric bill dropping to sometimes as low as your water bill. I don’t know about you, but getting that summer time electric bill as low as my water bill would make me want to live a more sustainable life forever! All jokes aside, this incentive is a great way to push people to live a more sustainable lifestyle that I will definitely be looking into.

I would love to hear some of your personal changes, and any feedback or advice you had on mine. Thanks for reading!

Talk soon,




6 thoughts on “Change Starts at the Individual Level

  1. orourkece

    I loved your comment about just remembering to recycle is the hardest part, I feel as though this is an issue for a lot of people because it’s just so easy to throw everything in one place! Once you start including this action into your daily routine it will be a breeze and you’ll probably feel strange not recycling your plastic!

  2. keegancr

    Love this post! You are so right that although a lot has to be done to combat the environmental issues, it all starts with us and the small things that we can do everyday to help. Recycling and be conscious of how much water you are using are two great examples of everyday things we should all try to be more aware of. Solar Panels are so awesome and such a great way to save money once you have them and they are working properly, especially when you live in a sunny place like Charleston 🙂

  3. schultzjt

    Great post Hannah! I started doing the same thing with my water usage after we took Global Health with Professor Ackerman. I like the idea of the solar panel use, and how it can drop the price of your electric bill. Something else to think about in terms of consumption could be buying more local produce to support local, more sustainable farming practices, and overall get a fresher product. Overall great post! See you Monday!

    -Jacob Schultz

  4. humphriesjt

    Awesome post! Much like you, I did not grow up in a household that was huge on recycling and practicing sustainable living. So, after reading this blog post, your examples such as not remembering to throw everything away in the trash sounded very similar to the struggles that I go through daily. This was a reminder that sustainable living is not only a choice but a mindset that we all need to live by before it is too late.

  5. prof.saunders

    Great post! Thank-you so much for your honesty and willingness to change to make the world a better place. Global Health sounds like it was a great class!

  6. Pierce Fryga

    I think it is awesome that you started with yourself. Admitting your shortcomings is one of the hardest things to do when trying to make a change. I think it is extremely noble of you to begin the process of becoming more conscious of your everyday habits. We all have them… I know I do for sure. But it can be difficult to change a habit you have been taught and always knew. I wish you the best of luck towards all of your goals that you set. I’m proud of you!

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