Nature Inspiration – Extra Credit Blog Post

I have always known that I am in tune with nature. I love to hike, camp, and vitalize any time that I can have by being outside. It is something that I have always cherished, and I know that it’s a special aspect of life. I have always wondered how some do not enjoy being outside. There is something very enlightening when taking time to dedicate to explore and appreciate what is given to us freely. It is relieving and a great emotional support when needed- and its right in your backyard! Ever since I was a little girl, I was opened up to the beauty of nature. My parents would take me on their camping trips when I was growing up. We would sleep in tents, eat by the fire, and shower in an outhouse. My dad never let my mom and I take the easy way out when it came to camping. Sometimes I would get mad because all my friends were going on trips to the tropics, while I would go to North Carolina in the middle of nowhere surrounded by mountains. Now, I love that. My favorite type of trip is to go to the mountains, instead of going to a resort in the islands. I feel like you learn so much by embracing the freedom that comes with nature. The simplicity is a beautiful thing that can be overlooked because of money, infrastructure, or what is currently trendy. I understand that it is all about perspective, but to have a connection with nature is to have a connection with yourself. Regarding this blog post, I took some time out of my chaotic school schedule, and went to the Battery. I left my phone at home, and walked to the water. I make that walk many times, but this time was different. I noticed things that I hadn’t before. At first, I was skeptical about leaving my phone at home, because I am so used to having it. But I sent out a text to my mom and boyfriend that Id be gone for 2 hours to have some “me time”. I felt extremely weightless just as I stepped out my door. Once I got to the Battery, I sat on the grass and let my mind wander. The first thing that came to mind was school. I stopped myself from getting stressed, and focused on the trees and the squirrels that were running around. I imagined what it would be like to live like this everyday- to not have direct connection to the Internet, and to have nothing but what was infront of you. I find technology amazing, and I would be lying if I could say that I could live without my phone. But I do think that its healthy to take a step back from life and reflect on what is surrounding you. I have taken so much for granted, because I get wrapped up in what is going on with others. Just by dedicating a couple of hours to nature and myself, I found that it was much needed.