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Alumni Spotlight: Moriah Alten Flagg ‘17

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Moriah worked for two years as a healthcare assistant for Planned Parenthood in Charleston. She managed operations in the front and back of the clinic, recorded patient histories, and became a certified family planning health worker, among other tasks. In the fall, she will begin medical school at the University of Massachusetts. Check out how her education in public health has impacted her future career:

“The School of Education, Health, and Human Performance’s public health curriculum gave a great overview of the different areas of public health. It provided me with a greater understanding of the health issues facing Americans and the American healthcare system overall. I was able to apply what I learned in the classroom to my job at the Planned Parenthood clinic and to how I interacted with patients.

My background in public health set me apart during my medical school interviews because I had a better understanding of what could be contributing to their overall health and well-being. My public health knowledge will make me a better physician, because I will be able to advocate effectively for my patients and ensure I ask the questions needed to create the best treatment plan. For example, asking about social support, finances, and other factors that could affect a patient’s ability to adhere to the treatment plan can result in more favorable outcomes for the patient.”

What advice do you have for undergraduate public health majors?

  • Make the most of your time at the College. EHHP’s public health curriculum not only offers students great resources to apply to jobs but it also taught me so much that will help me in the future, especially concerning health insurance (pay attention to that section of consumer health). There are great opportunities to work with faculty on research and independent studies that are interesting and will set you apart after graduation.
  • Get to know your professors well. Professors helped me find a project for my bachelor’s essay, an internship that lead to two and a half years of employment and wrote letters of recommendation that helped me get into graduate school.
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