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Alumni Spotlight: Katherine Long ‘19

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Katherine Long is a physical education teacher in Berkeley County who was part of the physical education teacher education (PETE) program at the College of Charleston. Graduates of the PETE program complete more than 150 field hours in pre-kindergarten through the 12th grade public schools. In this program, students learn how the body moves through science-based coursework such as anatomy and physiology.

What drew you to the physical education field?

As a child, I knew I wanted to be a teacher but could not sit in a classroom long enough to teach; I was a very active. I merged my passion for education with physical education and pursued that path. I get to teach students personal skills like cooperation and teamwork that are vital skills.

What do you love most about being an educator?

I enjoy being able to connect with children and knowing I have helped mold a member of society. I love seeing my students’ faces when they finally master a skill that they’ve been working on. It really makes everything worth it. I also love that I get to share my passion and help educate and create healthy habits in my students that they can use throughout life.

How do you feel your time and experiences at the College of Charleston has helped you in your career?

I was equipped with many tools that I pull out of my “tool box” daily. I’ve gone to interviews and used terms I learned in classes that some principals have never heard of but love. I cannot express how well prepared I felt going into my first year of teaching. I also know that my professors in the PETE program are there to support me and provide advice whenever I need it.

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