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Adam Smith Week 2019

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Every spring semester, in conjunction with the Department of Economics, the Center for Public Choice and Market Process puts on Adam Smith Week. Through a variety of events, the week is a way to engage students, faculty, alumni and the community in a conversation on the ideas of Adam Smith and economics in general.

This year’s speakers included Bob Chitester, Peter Leeson, and Steven Landsburg. Many of this year’s talks were provocative, including Professor Leeson’s “Beneficent Bullshit: Some Economics of Superstition” and Professor Landsburg’s talks: “Is the World Overpopulated and How Would We Know?” and “What Do the Rich Owe to the Poor?” Over 450 students participated in the eight events of this year’s Adam Smith Week.

Steven Landsburg, Devoe Moore Professor of Economics at the University of Rochester


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