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10 Year Anniversary for the Center for Public Choice & Market Process

Posted by: blackwellc | June 15, 2018 | No Comment |

This past year the Center for Public Choice and Market Process celebrated its 10th anniversary. The Center’s director, Peter Calcagno, has done a wonderful job building the Center into an intellectual leader on the College campus. He has raised over $1 million over the last 10 years, and put that money to excellent use.

Every year the Center sponsors Adam Smith Week, a celebration of economics. During this event, the Center has hosted numerous prominent economists, including Nobel prize winner Vernon Smith. The Center organizes other talks throughout the academic year, including those given by superstar academics like Deidre McCloskey and Richard Epstein. Unsurprisingly these talks are popular – this past year over 1000 students attended talks hosted by the Center!

A major part of the Center’s mission is to support undergraduate education and research. From the beginning, the Center has sponsored a Book Colloquium, in which students meet in a small group with select faculty to discuss current writing in economics. In addition, the Center now provides scholarships to its Market Process Scholars, who are expected to work with faculty on research.

The Center has also provided direct support to faculty in Economics, Political Science, Philosophy and Religious Studies. Fourteen papers and two books have been published with support from the Center.

The Center has been a terrific resource for the students and faculty in the Economics program for the last ten years. We look forward to more success in the future.


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