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Adam Smith Week 2018

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Every spring semester, in conjunction with the Department of Economics, the Center for Public Choice and Market Process puts on Adam Smith Week. Through a variety of events, the week is a way to engage students, faculty, alumni and the community in a conversation on the ideas of Adam Smith and economics in general.

The theme of this year’s Adam Smith Week was Mainline Economics. Six prominent economists visited the College and gave lectures on six Nobel Laureates. The speakers (and the respective Nobelists) were:

  • Randy Holcombe (Nobelist: James Buchanan)
  • Bruce Caldwell (Nobelist:Friedrich Hayek)
  • Lynne Kiesling  (Nobelist: Ronald Coase)
  • Bart Wilson (Nobelist: Vernon Smith)
  • Bobbi Herzberg (Nobelist: Elinor Ostrom)
  • Kevin Grier (Nobelist: Douglas North)

For more information on Adam Smith Week, visit http://sb.cofc.edu/centers/publicchoice/programs-and-events/adam-smith-week/index.php.

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