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Received notification of successful NAEYC re-accreditation today with nearly perfect scores! We are so happy and thankful to everyone who helped us with this as it is truly a team effort!

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What a great first day back (so far!) – 4/5K teachers decided we needed some ramp-type material to add to the block center but instead of buying from a supply house, they went “DIY” and let the children have most of the control over the process. They bought stock cove-molding and put it on the picnic table, telling the children we needed to cut it in 1, 2, or 3 foot lengths. Ms. Mary asked how we could measure it. Tessa suggested her arm; Tanner suggested a ruler and then went to get one; Max suggested a tape measure and then went to the office to ask to borrow one. They used all three methods for measuring but settled on the tape measure for all but the 1 ft. lengths. The children measured and marked (mostly) and then watched Ms. Mary use the circular saw to cut them.

Then they took the cut pieces to the sand table and the children are using sandpaper to smooth the ends. When they are done we will move to the block center – the children are VERY proud of this work.max using a taper measure tanner and tessa using a ruler tessa using her arm to measure me using a circular saw

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