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chicksAfter waiting for 21 days (an eternity for four/five year olds), small group time this morning was entirely spent observing our second chick emerge from the shell, and recording/discussing observations. The first one was out when they got to school and it was obvious from the rockin’ and rollin’ that another was imminent. The children spontaneously broke into their rendition of Happy Birthday and much writing and artwork today features the chicks. Some of the things they noticed were how hard the chick had to work to get out (a lot of huffing and puffing), and the surprisingly short amount of time it takes for them to become fluffy.The last time I checked in, they were getting ready to listen to “The Ballet of the Unhatched Chicks” (Mussorgsky) that is part of his “Pictures at an Exhibition” suite, and very antsy waiting for the next one.

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