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Lots going on today; it might be crummy outside but it’s as busy as can be indoors:

  • Butterfly class is deep into a project that started with digging a hole on the playground and discovering “meteors” that has morphed into a full-blown investigation of many things related to outer space – rockets, gear, planets/solar system, asteroid belt, astronauts. Photos depict children in “space suits” and their rocket, and weighing “space rocks” on our new digital scale
  • Sunflowers are studying birds, still waiting for their first visitor to the bird feeder; meanwhile playing bird-themed games, painting eggs, and playing in the sensory table with bird-nest materials & binoculars
  • Seashells have been treasure-hunting for days – where did those darn pirates put our treasure?????Each day they have followed clues to find the puzzle pieces that will finally tell them where to dig for buried treasure – only one more piece to go, and where could it possibly be? THANK YOU to Jarod & Jennifer for the outstanding drawings of our playground landmarks on the puzzle pieces! spring 2014 project work
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