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We have been exploring the concept of “loose parts” for quite a while now – providing children with open-ended materials outside that they have to figure out what to do with. Loose parts currently on our playground include boulders/large rocks, tree parts of various kinds, large pieces of fabric, large wood boxes, corn cobs, pine cones, etc. We also have tools such as shovels, rakes, wheelbarrows, etc. They often choose to play in the dirt pile rather than the sandbox and this week we have had dirt-work in earnest! The little ones at one end of the playground have been shoveling dirt into the wheelbarrows, moving it, and piling it up to bury boulders. The big kids at the other end of the playground are digging a giant hole and finding “meteors” and “asteroids.” We aren’t about to tell them it’s really construction rubble, as we are learning a lot about what they think/know about space debris. We also find it amusing that these two activities are almost the exact opposite of one another! This has been going on for several days, which reinforces our belief in the value of this kind of play.\


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