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photoThe value to young children of acquiring the social skills to make and nurture friendships can’t be emphasized enough! The stability friendship provides can help a child through stressful times, build confidence, and lay a foundation for establishing and negotiating meaningful relationships all their lives. At ECDC friendships are valued and celebrated. The beginning of a new school year often provides moments that remind us how important friendships are to our children. When we see a returning child take a new child by the hand and invite him/her to play, observe friends greet each other after the long summer holiday, or eagerly ask, “is my friend ……. here yet?” we are reminded of our responsibility to help children learn these critical skills.

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The start of another year is here, a time for welcoming back familiar faces, and working hard to make new children and families feel at home and comfortable. While we always hope for no tears, separation is never easy, for both children and parents! Thanks so much to Shannon Doughty, who came bright and early each of our phase-in days to greet new families as they arrived, helping them locate cubbies, put things away, and summon the courage to say goodbye for the day!Welcoming back old and new families! August, 2013

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