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What do you see missing from this photo? Yes, the leaves are a bit on the “chewed” side. Yesterday, Ms. Phyllis brought three children in from the playground with this twig, after observing that they were eating the leaves! Good thing we are incredibly vigilant about plant toxicity and careful to consult with the posted lists of safe plants and for good measure, our Head Groundskeeper, Patey Cowden, whenever we plant something new! We double-checked just to make sure, and THEN the questions began – “why were you eating plant leaves, how did you get the idea to do that?” The three children with the straightest face you can imagine shrugged their shoulders and said, “we were pretending to be ladybugs!” Then they proceeded to explain they know ladybugs eat aphids, and aphids eat leaves, therefore they had to eat leaves if they were going to be ladybugs. How can you argue with that kind of logic? This anecdote is a perfect example of the delicate “dance” we do every day to balance young children’s natural curiosity and desire to explore the world with our grown-up needs to keep them safe and healthy!ladybugs 045

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