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Seashells are very interested presently in “collections.” They started by examining Ms. Stephanie’s son Maddox’s special rock collection, reading several stories about collections, and talking about what items in a collection have in common. Then Sanden brought in his own collection of shiny stones and rocks, happily transferring them from a bag to special display box (egg carton). Then Miss Courtney said, “I have a collection, big collection of nail polish, would you like to see it?” What a big hit that was! The many colored bottles were lined up across the floor so the children could count them (55 bottles!) and each child picked out a favorite color while Ms. Stephanie read out the names out loud, some of which the children thought simply hilarious – especially “runaway diva” (purple glitter) and “bikini so teeny” (light blue). Other favorites were “gold” (glitter) and “cascade cool” (bright pink). Now Miss Courtney has agreed to paint each one of her nails one of the colors the children chose as their favorites and we are waiting to see what other exciting collections appear.P1020751P1020752

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001We’ve added “tree blocks” made from tree branches to the block centers. Coincidentally, there is a high interest in the Butterfly class presently in prehistoric animals, fossils, etc. Put those two things together in a child’s mind and what do you get? A “dinosaur forest.” Click on the image and read Calvin’s words as he describes his thought process and the decisions he made.

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