Women in Aviation Not Pictured

Why does this airline magazine story on women in aviation feature a picture of this guy, the Chairman and CEO of American Airlines, but not pictures of women?  I think it’s probably just myopia — no one noticed the problem.  (Wouldn’t it be nice if this guy, Gerard J. Arpey, is actually a woman?  He’s in aviation, that’s for sure.)

For what it’s worth, the article isn’t that bad. Arpey begins with a misogynist quote from a 1939 aviation text that he apparently touted in his column the month before as a set up: “‘Flying is a man’s job, and its worries are a man’s worries'” (Antoine de Saint-Exupery in Wind, Sand and Stars).  This then sets up an encomium of WASPs (Womens Airforce Service Pilots) during WWII, a discussion of pioneering American Airlines executive, Carlene Roberts (1940s), and brief treatments of other “female executives” who “hold critical leadership roles.”

Okay, but here’s an idea, Mr. Arpey: how about a picture of your own company’s Carlene Roberts or another woman?  You could still have your mug on the page, maybe, but at least one picture of a woman in aviation might be a good idea for your piece on women in aviation.  Or you could wear some eye shadow.

Arpey, Gerard J. “Women in Aviation.” American Way 15 May 2010. 8.
Photo snapped onboard, enroute to San Francisco  (sorry for the poor quality).

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