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Twain on the Role of the Humorist

Mark Twain, in defense of the role of the humorist, from a letter to the President of Yale University in 1888, which institution was about to grant him an honorary master of arts degree (in 1901, they gave him an … Continue reading

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Just met with a student who has never tried writing marginalia.  We had a good 20-minute conversation about what writing marginalia as you read (I forgot about the use of it in re-reading…drat) does for you.  We looked at the … Continue reading

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Wiki assignments

I’d like to start collecting these. Here’s one from Brian Croxall at Emory U: Wiki Class Notes.

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Zotero — Firefox plugin for researching, compiling bibliographies, annotating sources, and more

I spoke with Bing Pan and Jim Duran about this at the CofC Spring FTI, and I said i would send a link to Jim through a one-off email, but then I thought “I have a blog; I’ll just post … Continue reading

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Teaching with blogs…

For my FTI buddies, I thought I would collect a few links on teaching with blogs and post them here.  The list could probably be better organized and there are probably better collections of links and information already out there, … Continue reading

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(Routinized) habits of reflection

I am intensely reflective, reflecting all the time on all kinds of stuff that am I occupied with in good and bad senses.  So it’s not like I lack the capacity for reflection and recursion; I have that capacity in … Continue reading

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