DE Readiness Application

Spring 2018 Waitlist Only.

Applications for Summer will be available March 2018.

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College of Charleston First-Time Distance Education Course Proposal and DE Readiness Course Application

In order to teach a first time Distance Education course, faculty will need to meet the requirements and expectations set forth by Academic Affairs. These requirements help ensure that CofC faculty are providing quality online courses to students. This form will act as both the course proposal and application for the DE Readiness Course.

Please note: in order to be considered for admission into the DE Readiness Course, you will need to have the approval of your department chair and dean. Please have a conversation with them prior to filling out this application. You also MUST have active CofC credentials. This means you have an active CofC email address, CWID, and access to OAKS, our online learning management system. You will NOT be accepted into the DE Readiness Program until you have these credentials. Thus, it is imperative that your department Chair starts the paperwork early.

You must have CofC credentials (active email address and CWID) in order to enroll in the course. If you do not, your department Chair will need to complete a Temporary Appointment form. YOU WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED INTO THE DE READINESS COURSE WITHOUT THESE CREDENTIALS.
e.g., Production and Operations Management, DSCI 304. Please note if is a special topics course.
List institution, year completed, and focus of instruction

Please complete the following section if you have taught online previously

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