The Faculty Distance Education Readiness Course

The DE Readiness Course is an 8 week, fully online professional development opportunity that guides faculty through best practices and technology tools in online education.

DE Pyramid

DE Readiness Course Goals:

It is our intent that over the course of the DE Readiness Course, we will:

  • Explore various instructional strategies for engagement, assessment, communication, collaboration, and content delivery in order to construct a learner-centered approach to distance education.
  • Experience distance education as a student in order to create a sense of community and perspective with future students.
  • Begin creating the components needed for teaching an online course while having the opportunity to review them with peers and faculty experienced in teaching online.
  • Cultivate the technological skills needed for managing, creating, maintaining, and administering a successful online course.
  • Ask questions, exchange ideas, and meet other CofC faculty teaching distance education courses.




DE Readiness Course Learning Outcomes:

We will:

  • Differentiate between multiple course delivery models (blended, hybrid, face to face, and online);
  • Reflect on best practices for communication in an online environment;
  • Demonstrate effective communication across multiple contexts;
  • Reflect on best practices for course design and facilitation;
  • Apply best practices for course design and facilitation in your own course;
  • Critically evaluate best practices for online course design and delivery.


Some topics covered include:

  •  An Orientation to the Course and Getting Started with Online Learning
  • Best Practices in:
    • Online Course Planning
    • Course design and Learning Outcomes
    • Community Building  and Communication
    • Content Delivery Methods
    • Assessment and Activities in the Online Environment
    • Evaluation of Course Effectiveness
  • Online, synchronous technology training sessions integrated into each of the topics outlined above.
  • Faculty showcases of current effective practices


Course Expectations


Participant Expectations:

For the duration of the Distance Education Readiness course, it is the participant’s responsibility to:

  • Complete the learning activities within an 8 week time-frame.  If at any time a participant has not completed 20% of the course activities (including assignments, discussions, and self-assessments), that participant may not be permitted to teach their online course, TBD by Academic Affairs.
  • Be prepared to spend an average of 5-7 hours per week working on the assignments and readings for this course.
    • PLEASE NOTE: if you are unfamiliar with the technology or pedagogy presented in the course, this time commitment could be higher.
  • Log in to the course in OAKS and your email at least 4 days per week to stay current with course work , as well as any changes or developments in the schedule
  • Approach all DE Readiness Course interactions with an open mind and a desire to try something new.  This includes all discussion board interactions with your peers and communication with your mentors.

But you don’t have to take our word for it! Listen to what some of the DE Readiness Alumni have to say about their experience!

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