OE Faculty Mentoring Program

CofC is committed to providing quality online education courses to our students. Due to the increase of course offerings in this relatively new teaching and learning environment, TLT proposes an Online Education Faculty Mentor program. This Online Education Faculty Mentor program is designed to expedite and help lead the OE Readiness course, as well as to provide feedback and collaboration opportunities for individuals new to teaching in the distance education format at CofC. Facilitated and supported by Teaching, Learning, and Technology (TLT) and Academic Affairs, the initiative is described below:


Objectives of the OE Faculty Mentor Initiative

  • Facilitate the exchange of ideas regarding effective online teaching styles and strategies.
  • Offer collaboration opportunities for faculty teaching online courses to promote a sense of collegiality and support.
  • Create a community with new distance education faculty and experienced faculty in OE.


Faculty Mentor Expectations and Requirements

The mentor will:

  • Provide feedback to faculty in a timely manner as outlined in the Faculty OE Readiness course packet and syllabus.
  • Actively participate in all OE discussions and community building activities (online and face-to-face) associated with the OE Readiness Course.
  • Attend the OE Mentor Workshop, face-to-face sessions with participants, meetings with TLT, and the closing session.
  • Guide and support the participants throughout the semester.
    • Schedule reviews and feedback sessions with course participants.
    • Provide examples and “real world” case studies from your own online courses that illustrate best practices for their field of study.
  • Review participants’ assignments and provide feedback that aligns with the topics and information introduced throughout the course.
  • Monitor user progress and communicate expectations to the participants  throughout the course.


Faculty Mentor Resources

  • Each mentor will be provided with an incentive such as a stipend provided by Academic Affairs or a course release for the semester that they are facilitating the OE Readiness Course.
  • All mentors will be provided with key literature, offering best practices for online education.
  • All mentors will be assisted by (TLT) throughout the process.


Selection of Faculty Mentors

Mentors will be selected by TLT based upon their level of willingness to serve, experience, and evidence of successful online education teaching.  Mentors must have completed the OE Readiness Course and have taught online at least once to be considered.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are on sabbatical or administrative leave from the College of Charleston you will not be eligible to be a Faculty Mentor until you have resumed your duties on campus.  It is the responsibility of the faculty member to determine eligibility and obtain all signatures on the Mentoring Application.

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