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What is SEP?

Posted by: Mary C. Bergstrom | January 7, 2021 Comments Off on What is SEP? |

The Degree Works Student Educational Planner (SEP) function helps advisors and students plan and track the most effective path to graduation. This feature provides a place to create an electronic academic plan which can be viewed by both the advisor and student. Highlights of SEP include:

  • the ability to create future semester plans based upon the needed classes from a student’s degree audit
  • the option to create planner notes where advisors can communicate additional information or special instructions about course selection or grade needed in a course
  • “on-track/off-track” tracking for advisors and students to easily see if the student is on-track with their academic plan
  • the ability to flag requirements as critical for tracking purposes
  • the ability to create short and long-term plans for degree completion
under: DW Student Educational Planner (SEP)

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