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Top Three Questions About Degree Works This Week

Posted by: Mary C. Bergstrom | August 13, 2018 Comments Off on Top Three Questions About Degree Works This Week |

Q:  Will my preferred first name be listed at the top of my degree audit?

A:  Yes, the audit header will contain your preferred first name.

Q:  When I run a What-If audit, my general education course requirements change.  What is up with that?

A:  Make sure you read the instructions located at the top of the What-If audit page.  “Important Note Regarding Undergraduate General Education Requirements and What-If Audits: A What-If audit defaults to the requirements for the current catalog year for ALL audit requirements (gen eds, major, minor, degree, etc.). The general education requirements are based on your year of admission or re-admission to the College. Since the What-If audit defaults to the current catalog year, you may need to ignore the general education section of the What-If Audit because you cannot change the catalog year for this requirement. Always consult with your Academic or Faculty Advisor when reviewing your audit.”

Q: Is there a place in Degree Works where I can see what my semester GPA was for each term?

A: Yes.  Use the Term by Term History link near the top of your audit.  This will give you a pop-up window with a term-by-term history of your credits and GPA.

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