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Big Data means big opportunities at the College of Charleston

Training the next evolution of advanced data science practitioners

The first master’s degree of its kind in S.C.

Enrollment begins Summer 2019

Now accepting applications!

Data Scientists love to apply computing and math to solve the world’s biggest problems

Build your future in A.I. machine learning, business intelligence, national security, genomics, drug informatics, biomedical informatics, and many more.

An estimated 2.7 million job postings for Data Analytics and Science are projected in the U.S. by 2020. The average advertised annual salary is $91,467. Designed as an accelerated curriculum, our program prepares students for their careers within 13 months of beginning in Summer 2019.

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“Simply put, Data Science is where computer science and statistics come together to shape the future through data. A data scientist is creative, breaks traditional academic boundaries, and sees the power of knowledge discovery through data. Data scientists are becoming indispensable in almost every discipline and company. They can be found driving the most exciting projects at companies from Google to Facebook to finding the cure for cancer or stopping global warming.”

Dr. Paul Anderson
Director, MS and BS in Data Science and Analytics
Associate Professor
College of Charleston

Data Science Applications