Cybersecurity is a broad, dynamic, and ever changing field that is difficult to integrate into classic, undergraduate Computer Science curriculum. The absence of sanitized labs coupled with few professors to teach the subject pose obstacles many Liberal Arts Colleges face in adopting cybersecurity curriculum.

As educators, we would like to offer solutions and begin conversations to address these obstacles. We believe that Cybersecurity is an exciting field that can attract more students to attend Liberal Arts Colleges and pursue Computer Science related fields. Likewise, an increase of students receiving a Liberal Arts education can contribute to a valuable workforce with well-rounded individuals equipped to tackle new and complex problems. This is why we have created the CyberPaths project. Our goal is to help small colleges integrate Cybersecurity curriculum non-intrusively and free from financial overhead.

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This project is funded by NSF Grant #1700254: “IUSE: Collaborative Project: Engaged Student Learning: Design and Development, Level I: Broadening the Path to the STEM Profession through Cybersecurity Learning”. The project is built on the collaboration between College of Charleston, Johns Hopkins University, and University of South Florida.