What’s in it for me? | Career Fair Edition

What’s in it for me? | Career Fair Edition

Are career fairs genuinely beneficial? Should I attend even if I am not actively looking for a job? What is the point of a career fair? These questions are constantly floating around in students’ heads, and we are here to get the facts straight: what is in it for you when you attend a career fair?


Career fairs serve as networking events where job seekers and employers come together to explore potential job opportunities. It provides a platform for candidates to showcase their skills and qualifications while allowing employers to connect with a pool of potential hires and talk about the company they work for. Ultimately, the goal of a career fair is to form connections with the possibility of further expansion in the future.


Career fairs are great for practicing and enhancing your communication skills when engaging with employers. Interacting with recruiters in a professional setting can help you refine your elevator pitch and learn how to effectively convey your qualifications and career aspirations. These experiences not only boost your confidence but also prepare you for successful interactions in actual job interviews, making career fairs a crucial step in your professional development.


Along with good practice talking to employers, attending a career fair can provide numerous benefits. Some things you may gain include the chance to expand your professional network by connecting with employers, industry experts, and like-minded peers. They offer valuable insights into current job market trends and specific opportunities within your field of interest, helping you make informed career decisions. Additionally, you may secure job interviews, internship offers, or gain insights into potential employers, making career fairs an essential resource for advancing your career and securing future employment.


The College of Charleston is hosting its annual fall Career Exploration Fair on October 10th from 12-4pm at the Charleston Gaillard Center. At this event, there will be over 100 employers looking forward to talking about positions within their company and networking with students in the hopes of building a long-lasting connection.


So, what do you have to lose?

Kennedy Robinson | Marketing & Communication Intern