Jason Mack’s Charleston Food Recs

Jason, College of Charleston senior and seasoned food explorer here. After years of culinary scavenging, I’ve rounded up my Top 20 Value Food Recs in Charleston. From hidden gems to local favorites, these picks ensure a delicious experience without breaking the bank. Join me on a budget-friendly gastronomic journey through the heart of our city’s food scene! 🍔🌮🍜


1. Fast & French Sandwiches – $6-$8 for elite sandwiches

2. Indaco Happy Hour – Great $10 Margherita pizza and other bites

3. D’Allesandro’s Lunch Specials – $10 for a really good pizza + salad/drink (I think)

4. Burwells Happy Hour – Very high-end affordable bites

5. Matador Happy Hour – $8 grande nachos

6. Fish Bowl Happy Hour – ½ off sushi

7. CO Happy Hour – Good Asian options under $10

8. East Bay Deli Kids Chicken Tenders (I know it sounds crazy) – $7 for tenders, fries, soft drink

9. Big Gun Happy Hour – $2 tacos, burger + fries for $9

10. O-Ku Happy Hour – ½ off sushi

11. Grit Counter – Huge portions in Mount Pleasant

12. Poke Tea Stop – Poke Bowl for ≈ $11

13. Daves Carry Out – Southern food, never been, heard great things

14. Ruby’s Bagels – Best bagels in town in Mount Pleasant

15. Caviar & Bananas – Sandwiches of choice for ≈ $10 (Get the Aztec)

16. Market Street Deli – $8 custom sandwiches

17. Ha Long Cafe – Affordable fresh rolls and bahn mi

18. Brown Dog Deli – Great sandwiches of choice, other options

19. Masons Lobster – Cup of lobster bisque for ≈ $5

20. Chopsticks Lunch Specials – Asian lunch specials for ≈ $10

** Note from Jason: Not sure about the specific details with a handful of these; they might be online. Some could be out of date since it has been up to 1-2 years since I last had them. If so, I apologize, but still recommend these as the top 20 food spots in Charleston. **

Jason Mack ’24 | Financial Wellness Student Ambassador

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