Cougar Career Column Writers: Meet Katie!

Meet the writers who are capturing the stories of students and alumni in the Cougar Career Column!

Katie is a Peer Career Advisor (PCA) and she assists her peers with a variety of career-related content. As a PCA, she also helps develop content for the Cougar Career Column. Today, we would like for you to meet PCA Katie!

My name is Katie and I’m a senior here at CofC! I’m studying political science and public health with minors in international studies and Spanish, and my plan (don’t hold me to it, it changes a lot!) is to get my master’s in social work and spend several years as a social worker in a prison before pursuing my PhD and becoming a professor.

I have worked at the Career Center since the beginning of my sophomore year, and it has been one of my favorite experiences on campus! I was the person who struggled long and hard about what major was the right fit for me (I won’t tell how many times I changed it, but it’s more than you can count on one hand).

One of the most important things I learned in the Career Center was that college is about studying what interests you, not what other people think you should do or what seems like it’ll get you the highest-paying job.

Your major doesn’t have to equal your career, so study something that gets you excited to go to class everyday!

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