Student Spotlight: Vi Truong

Student Spotlight: Vi Truong

Vi Truong is a Biology major and Chemistry minor on the pre-med track from Columbia, South Carolina. She chose the College of Charleston for the affordability, the inclusive and diverse atmosphere, and the small campus community. She also likes the close proximity to MUSC and the research and internship opportunities for CofC students. Her interest in health and medicine has propelled her to become involved in an opportunity to study chemicals found in many products that are not regulated by the FDA.

During the Summer of 2020, Vi was accepted into a research program through the CofC Biology Department with her Microbiology professor, Dr. Matthew Rhodes, and has received a financial grant from the College for research and conducting labs. The program studies Obesegens, a chemical that the FDA does not regulate, but includes in many products. It can affect one’s gut health and may increase one’s chances of becoming obese. She obtained the position by networking at a mixer held by the School of Sciences and Mathematics. As such, Vi can testify to the role networking can play in finding opportunities. She says,

Build a relationship with your professor. Once you establish that connection and show your responsibility, it can take you far in your college career and it’s also good to have someone to write a letter of recommendation for the future.

After graduation, Vi plans to travel and learn more about global health and traditional medicine, then attend medical school. Although she is very driven in her studies, Vi recognizes the importance of being involved in activities outside of class.

Balance your work and make the most of your time at the College and extracurricular activities!

Just like Vi, your time at CofC can be maximized by networking, participating in opportunities that allow you to learn more about your field, and participating in fun extracurricular activities!


-Christina Ferrell, Peer Career Advisor

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