Computer Science Leading Edge Scholarship

If you intend to major in computer science, computing in the arts, computer information systems or data science, then we encourage you to apply for the Department of Computer Science’s Leading Edge Scholarship, valued up to $20,000 (over four years). The application is now open!

With a degree from the Department of Computer Science from the College of Charleston, you can expect job opportunities with starting salaries between $50K and $65K—not including signing bonuses and stock options. (And, that’s just in the southeast market!)

From full-time, paid internships to a global alumni network, you’ll have boundless opportunities. We want to help you take advantage.

So, review the eligibility requirements and apply by February 15th! If you have any questions, contact Marilee Henry at


And don’t forget: the Department of Computer Science will host the 36th Annual High School Programming Competition on Friday, February 23, 2018 at Harbor Walk. Applications will also be accepted for travel grants — preference will be given to those who are first-time attendees and those traveling from more than 90 miles away from Charleston, SC. Learn more and apply!

About Lisa Hase-Jackson

Lisa M. Hase-Jackson received her MA in English from Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kansas and an MFA in Creative Writing from Converse College in Spartanburg, South Carolina. She is the Communications Assistant for the Department of Computer Science at the College of Charleston and occasionally adjunct teaches for the English Department.