Where In The World Is CS Faculty: Dr. Bowring Attending Data Infrastructure Building Blocks Workshop

Dr. Jim Bowring

Dr. Jim Bowring

Dr. Jim Bowring, Associate Professor and C. Richard Crosby Distinguished Teaching Co-Chair, will be attending the 1st National Science Foundation (NSF) Data Infrastructure Building Blocks Workshop (DIBBs17) in Arlington, VA, on January 11-12, 2017.

Bowring’s current active project, “Collaborative Research: Cyber-Infrastructure for Interpreting and Archiving U-series Geochronologic Data,” is funded by NSF’s DIBBs program.  An invitation-only event, the goal of the workshop is to exchange results and lessons learned from his project, along with approximately 40 projects funded by the program.  

Dr. Jim Bowring’s undergraduate research lab at the College, Cyber Infrastructure Research and Development Lab for the Earth Sciences (CIRDLES.org), invents and develops software tools and data processing techniques to automate the workflow of geoscientists in determining the age of the earth.

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