Where In The World Is CS Faculty: Dr. Bowring Presenting At VIII International SHRIMP Workshop in Granada, Spain

Dr. Jim Bowring

Dr. Jim Bowring

Dr. Jim Bowring, Associate Professor and C. Richard Crosby Distinguished Teaching Co-Chair, is a keynote speaker for the Geology Colloquium at the VIII International Sensitive High-Resolution Ion Microprobe (SHRIMP) Workshop in Granada, Spain on Saturday, September 10, 2016.  Dr. Bowring will present “Advanced Cyber Infrastructure for Geochronology as a Collaborative Endeavor: A Decade of Progress, A Decade of Plans.”

A five-day conference, held at the University of Granada, the International SHRIMP Workshop gathers scientists interested in “in situ” mass spectrometry and its applications to geosciences.  

Dr. Jim Bowring’s Cyber Infrastructure Research and Development Lab for the Earth Sciences (CIRDLES.org) is an undergraduate research lab that invents and develops software tools and data processing techniques to automate the workflow of geoscientists in determining the age of the earth.

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