Volunteer/Intern at Red Cross

The Red Cross is working on a campaign and on-going projects that require assistance from volunteers/interns.

For the campaign, Red Cross needs students that can help with social media posts to their friends, organizational and club contacts about a “two-day text to give or give online” campaign for Prepare SC. The two-day giving event will be Sept. 21 and 22 for the 25th anniversary of Hurricane Hugo when Red Cross opened 238 shelters and housed over 46,000 people in South Carolina. Red Cross will also need them to follow Red Cross facebook pages and like us and re-tweet our Red Cross tweets those 2 days.

Additionally, Red Cross needs students that can be on set at the local television stations the evening of Sept. 21 and 22 for text-a-thons with news stations. The students will sit at a table an answering the phones when viewers call into to donate.  They can also be monitoring, liking and re-tweeting the news stations social media during the text-a-thon.

Ongoing, Red Cross needs students to be on our Public Affairs Team which takes photos, writes press releases for Red Cross activities.

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