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Summer Photograph/Videographer at Camp Woodie (Paid)

By Cierra Seid
Posted on 12 March 2018 | 11:45 am — 

Job Description

The photographer/videographer position for Camp Woodie includes taking pictures and video of camp activities (skeet shooting, archery, canoeing, etc.) during camp sessions, uploading daily photos to Facebook, and creating a multimedia presentation for the camp awards ceremony each Thursday evening. The applicant is required to live at camp for the duration of this position (May 20th-August 10th) from Sunday afternoon until Thursday evening.

Duties & Responsibilities

-Photographing and videoing camp activities throughout all camp sessions (Sunday afternoon-Thursday evening, May27th-August 9th)

-Uploading activity photos to Camp Woodie Facebook page twice a day

-Producing a presentation of weekly photos/videos for the end-of-week awards ceremony each Thursday

Knowledge & Abilities

-Knowledgeable use of a DSLR camera for photo & video

-Knowledge of & experience with iMovie or Adobe Premier

-Applicant must use his/her own laptop

-Proficiency in Facebook

-Experience managing a business’ social media page is a plus

-Knowledge of and love for the outdoors is a major plus, but not a requirement

-Ability to work as a team player

Education & Experience

-Two years of college education is preferred

-Open to Journalism, (Visual) Communications, Advertising majors or majors in a related field

-Photography & video shooting experience


-$250 per week

-If lifeguard certified, the applicant has the opportunity to also work as a camp lifeguard and earn $50 more per week.

-Housing and food is provided for the entire duration of training and summer camp. (May 20th- August 10th)


To apply, send a cover letter, resume & examples of photo/video work or website link to

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