Publicist, Mary Regan: Seeking Publicity Assistant Intern (Fall/Winter 2019)

With Who:  Mary E. Regan, Consulting, LLC

Location:  Remotely; Summerville, SC

Dates:  as soon as possible; current Fall/Winter 2019 Internship (and, if the need is there, possibly also a Spring Internship)

Hours:  Negotiable but part-time:  5 to 10 hours/week estimated.

Position Description:  The Publicist (Mary E. Regan) needs a publicity/press assistant to assist on projects/clients.

Responsibilities:  I need either a junior or senior student intern as soon as possible if at all possible! Please note that, as most of this work would be done via laptop, it can be done remotely, with regular check-in’s via phone, Skype!, and email with the Publicist/Mary E. Regan, with an occasionally in-person meeting or work with session(s).

Only occasionally would we need to meet/work in person especially as I want to be fluid with the student’s academic schedule. Publicist is working various projects simultaneously and needs an assistant to help with such things as:

  • (Top Pressing Need): Research several media markets and compiling/creating a media list
  • (Possible): In addition to the top need (above here), conduct internet research on a client’s possible other key entities we need to reach. An example is that one current pressing client is a local author (novelist) who wrote a screenplay (award-winning) where we are trying to get her a movie or made-for-T.V. film deal on her true story, so more Internet research is needed right away regarding:  media markets, film & T.V. industry research, etc.
  • Learn the key components of what makes for a good press releases (could teach the student how to write a good press release and have them try to write one for a client, potentially, and be critiqued)
  • Learn about how Ms. Regan goes about interviewing and writing her weekly “Arts & Culture” Column for the Summerville Journal Scene and possibly assist in the prepping/research process as that has a weekly deadline for the final edited version to be submitted via email to the Editor
  • Help do online research on and then assist with an email marketing campaign to target key possible new client from such possible arenas as: nonprofits, governmental, entrepreneurial businesses, and/or the arts & entertainment)
  • (Based on need & ability): possibly assist with the brainstorming and/or crafting/writing of media “pitches” for clients that get sent to the press via email to try to persuade the media to cover the story
  • (Based on time availability): Help publicist with her social media/marketing efforts (to help boost’s visibility), etc.
  • Potentially (time permitting): Assist publicist in trying to create or produce a podcast and/or online video “infomercial” on publicity tips segments for Facebook, etc., to try to attract new publicity clients
  • Other general office assistance in helping the publicist organize office files

Outcomes: While this is unpaid, it would be invaluable experience with a seasoned professional with respect to key learnings about journalism, publicity, and marketing. At the end of the internship, I’d be happy to write a review for their student file/advisor and a reference letter for this student.

Experience Required, if Applicable:

Strong communication (both verbal & written) and analytical skills, outgoing, tenacious/hard worker, detailed, understanding of MS Word, MS Excel, and other software programs (if needed, the Adobe Creative Suite), etc., and email marketing techniques (Mary uses GoDaddy’s email marketing platform). (If the student also possesses good graphic art/layout talents, that could be useful, too). Good persuasion skills when doing follow up with the media.

Apply, see more application information, or request more information:

Please give your name & contact info. & Academic Major to:

Mary E. Regan, Publicist. Cell 843.730.1180. – Mary’s Email: (or ).

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