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PR/Marketing Internship w/The Becket Agency

  • Are you bursting with creativity, and looking for an outlet to express yourself?
  • Do you want to work with a close-knit team to turn those ideas into reality?
  • Are you a resourceful, self motivated, take charge kind of person?
  • Do you anticipate the needs of others?
  • Do you like food?

If you answered yes to all five of these, and are a creative leader, then we would like to talk to you. Our team at The Becket Agency is looking to bring on one  intern to learn first hand about local marketing / PR for hospitality and restaurant clients such as: Bay St. Biergarten, The Alley, Glazed Donuts, Burwell’s and more…

Internship Overview:

  • At the start of each day in the office our account coordinator will teach you a different aspect of PR/Marketing.  This is usually 30 minutes to one hour instruction.
  • Then you will be assigned real world cases from previous projects we have worked on so you will have time to do hands on work.
  • At the end of the day you will meet back up with the account coordinator and go over what issues you had, where you can improve, and what worked and why…don’t worry we are a strong believer that failure is a great thing as long as you learn from it, so don’t be scared to take risks.
  • Daily learning topics will start off easy and increase to more in depth parts of marketing. Topics include:
    • social media writing
    • business review site responses (yelp, trip advisor, Facebook)
    • press release writing
    • media pitching
    • marketing plans and budgets
    • creative meeting participation
    • event creation / client pitching / execution
    • attending and participating at client meetings
    • how to use PR platforms such as (Facebook business manager, Facebook ad manager, Basecamp, Slack, and Cision media database)
    • and finally sitting in and participating in hiring the next interns (we believe it is equally beneficially to participate on the employer side of the interview which will help you as an interviewee)


  • 15 hours a week + some nights and weekends for events, and possible.
  • Meet deadlines(you will be an important member on our team. We need to rely on you for all situations as a self motivated problem solver)
  • Have your own computer(Macs preferable, but we can still be friends if you have a PC)
  • Excellent writing skills(This is a must. We do a lot of creative and content writing for clients)
  • Highly organized(Again your team and clients depend on this. Organization is key to success)
  • Self Motivated(We love type A’s. Don’t rely on others to tell you what to work on)
  • Eager to learn new things(Do not be afraid of webinars or books)
  • Creative(We love book nerds, and people who think about the world differently. No idea is too weird)
  • Love Red Bull(not required, but it’s an awesome brand and the drink is great too)

If you think have what it takes to get an interview, then send us your awesome resume and also include something that showcases your creativity (we get a lot of resumes, so this is your time to shine and stand out from the crowd). We look forward to hearing from, and possibly working WITH you.

To apply, email

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