Paid Communication Internship with CofC’s School of Business

Department: CofC’s School of Business
Supervisor: Liz Monahan, Director of Marketing and Communications, School of Business
Title: Communications Intern
Position: Paid Internship (10 hours/week)
Salary: $10/hour

Primary Duties: Briefly describe the primary duties/job functions of this position.

  • Assists the director and associate director of marketing and communications with developing and executing all undergraduate and graduate communications strategies for School of Business publications.
    Percent of time: 25%
  • Develops and executes writing, reporting, interviewing and editing assignments for MBA newsletter, SBNews, faculty research highlights, press releases related to School news and announcements, and other printed materials and web content. Responsible for independently making contacts, setting up interviews, developing relevant questions, interviews and thorough research into stories that are of high journalistic quality.
    Percent of time: 40%
  • Helps to coordinate all phases of the creative process for content development, including story conception, writing, design, editing, and photography. Monitors campus and alumni community to stay abreast of news, events and trends for story ideas. Works closely with School of Business director of marketing and communications.
    Percent of time: 25%
  • Assists with administrative tasks on an as-needed basis.
    Percent of time: 10%

Describe the level of discretion and decision-making required of this position, please include examples.

Position allows for a moderate amount of discretion and decision making with regard to content development; however, all items for external distribution must be reviewed and approved by the director and/or associate director of communications prior to scheduling and publishing.

Minimum Requirements

  • Must be pursuing a bachelor’s degree in communications
  • Must have demonstrated professional expertise in the craft of journalism, including proficiency in AP writing style
  • Able to manage multiple publications tasks, from creative conception through production, within established deadlines
  • Ability to quickly learn processes and develop quality content

Number of Employees Position Supervises: 0

To apply, email Liz Monahan, director of marketing and communications for the School of Business, at

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