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Marketing/Social Media/Business Development Coordinator at AlphaGraphics

Marketing / Social Media / Business Development Coordinator

The Business Development Coordinator has a key support function for AlphaGraphics. The purpose of this position is to provide assistance in marketing, sales outreach and customer support for the business center. The Business Development Coordinator will conduct internal marketing, sales and customer support activities for AlphaGraphics. It is expected that this position will be proactive, rather than reactive to customer situations. Ensuring our customers have a positive, long-term relationship with AlphaGraphics. A successful BDC will have positive interaction with the Production staff, providing communications and support between Sales, Operations and the customers. They will maintain accurate customer and account data, review, and mine this data for positive, timely and relevant communications with our customers. The success of this position can be measured through customer feedback, Center sales growth, and profitability. The BDC should enjoy working with people in a fast paced and creative environment. The BDC will be involved with direct print, digital print, online and digital marketing, as well as social media applications. Candidates should possess strong communication and organizational skills, as well as time management. Accepting applications – Part-Time

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