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Internship at The Harbor Entrepreneur Center

number-of-positions: 4

The Harbor Entrepreneur Center is looking for 4 motivated interns to help continue marketing/public relations/communications campaigns during the summer.

A Harbor Accelerator Intern in the area of Marketing/Communications would carry out a variety of activities in the effort to increase public awareness of the organization as well as community involvement. Activities may include: Publicize happenings and collect followers through Social Media Manage Contacts Update website Create content for email newsletters

Qualifications: A working knowledge of Microsoft Office Applications Proficiency in leveraging social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter to meet organizational goals. Experience with newsletter writing Preferred Ability to learn quickly and manage data in an organized fashion. Working knowledge of MailChimp Ability to Communicate a message Remove Qualifications: Experience with Newsletter writing preferred

Learning Objectives:
As an intern for The Harbor Accelerator, in Mt. Pleasant, SC, you get to experience the fast-paced growth of our non-profit and young start-up businesses. Starting in June, you will work closely with start-up entrepreneurs as well as seasoned executives in multiple industry leaders, and receive a well-rounded business experience to bring into potentially any job you may receive post-internship. The very nature of the start-up program allows for a non-threatening environment, so when you learn, others learn with you. Just like you, people have ideas, but need advice, support, and answers. As one who desires to develop real-life business experiences, you get to participate an internship where you can learn along with others how to start a business, establish a base of clientele, give an effective sales pitch, and execute your plan strategically.

To Apply: E-mail a resume:

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