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Intern at Charleston Magazine

By Cassandra P. Foster
Posted on 18 September 2017 | 10:20 am — 

Charleston magazine is looking to hire a marketing intern for the fall semester. Please see below internship description:

Fall Internship – 10-15 hours/ week

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the process of how a marketing campaign becomes a reality
  • Understand the importance of building and maintaining relationships with the community
  • Further develop skills for working in a professional environment
  • Create impactful, exciting social media content on brand with Charleston magazine
  • Understand how a communications company does more than just print Charleston magazine and the importance of being a multi-platform agency
  • Understand how business decisions and sales work in harmony with marketing decisions


  • Research events and write copy for the Charleston Magazine Club website
  • Plan and write social media posts for upcoming events, Charleston magazine partners, etc.
  • Attend applicable meetings and events as available and as time permits
  • Use Google Docs to track Club membership and events, as well as sponsorships and events
  • Assist in subscription marketing plans for Charleston magazine
  • Organize contracts and assist in contract fulfillments for PR and sponsorship partners including

Policies and Expectations

As an intern at Charleston magazine, you are representing Charleston magazine. It is important to always be on time and professional. Do not disrupt others by talking too loud, but always feel free to ask questions. You are here to learn.

Be respectful of all Gulfstream Communications employees, our partners and advertisers.

We expect our interns to work diligently while they are here. If you are not busy, ask someone else if they might need help. This is a good opportunity to meet people in other departments and learn more about how a communications company works. Please always communicate with your supervisor about when you need to be absent.

Interested in applying for this internship? Email your cover letter and resume to Betsey Poore, Marketing Manager, at



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