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Global Creative Initiatives Manager at Ketchum

Over the past three years, many students have told me how a full-time job managing Ketchum creative resources like Mindfire would be “amazing” and a “dream job” in communications. Those students are kind and wonderful and completely correct.

Managing creativity at Ketchum is amazing – and a newly open position. If you have enjoyed participating on Mindfire, apply today for Global Creative Initiatives Manager.

The Job Description:

The Global Creative Initiatives Manager is responsible for developing and managing creative resources that maintain Ketchum’s position as an industry leader in creativity and innovation. The position includes, but is not limited to:

·         Working with Ketchum account teams, affiliates and specialty practices to deliver break through insights and ideas to clients using Ketchum’s creative resources: crowd sourcing communities (including Mindfire), online ideation, idea databases, brainstorms, trend monitoring and more.

·         Responsibility for all aspects of global creative resources: community and project management, financial oversight, IT functionality, and awareness/ education. This leadership includes managing the Creativity Assistant position’s day-to-day support of Ketchum’s proprietary creativity platforms.

·         Expectation to learn and champion Ketchum’s campaign planning process, including the development of creative briefs from research and insight-supported strategy, and identify opportunities to integrate PESO (Paid, Earned, Shared, Owned) strategy into creative programs.


Who should apply:

  • Graduating seniors and graduate students with experience in PR, Advertising or Digital agencies.
  • Superior writers and problem solvers.
  • You are comfortable with public speaking and group facilitation.


Apply or learn more by visiting the full job description on Ketchum.comContact me with any questions.


Brian Keenan
Strategic & Creative Planner
+1 646 935 4089

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