CHRISTUS Health: Seeks Chief Communications Officer – CHRISTUS EMS

With Who:  CHRISTUS Health

Location:  Longview, TX

Type of Employment:  Full-time

Position Summary:  

This is a responsible management and administrative position serving as the principal advisor and second in command to the Chief Executive Officer on all issues pertaining to the CHRISTUS EMS Communications and 911 Center. The Communications Center Officer generally assists the Chief Executive Officer in the execution of his/her authority and responsibilities in areas of executive leadership, managerial and organizational effectiveness, fiscal planning, budgeting, auditing, human resources development, public service and communication to ensure effective performance of this critical organization function. The Communications Center Officer possesses the full authority of the Chief Executive Officer during his/her absence on all issues pertaining to CHRISTUS EMS Communications 911 Center.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in a related field, or combination of education and experience sufficient to successfully perform the essential duties listed above is required.
  • Current National Academy certification as an Emergency Medical Dispatcher and EDQ through the National Academy of Emergency Dispatch is required.
  • Certification as an EMT-Paramedic or higher is preferred, desired but not required.
  • Training as a Communications Center Manager is preferred at time of hire but completion of training within 2 years from date of hire is required.
  • Must have a minimum of five years’ leadership experience (Manager, Coordinator, Supervisor) in a Police, Fire, or EMS Communications Center with experience in system status management, data entry, dispatch, call-taking, and computer-aided dispatch (CAD) systems.
  • Must never have been fined, excluded from, or have had any restitution obligations from a federal health care program, or any governing agencies overseeing the operations of CHRISTUS EMS.

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