Charleston 40 Tour Guide at CofC Admissions

Charleston Forty is an absolutely incredible organization to join, not only to familiarize yourself with the College, but also to show your pride and love for your school to other perspective students. Over your four years C40 becomes a group of friends and family to you and we would love to have you come out to our recruitment! Charleston Forty is also an organization for every type of person, regardless of hometown, major, extracurriculars, etc – as long as you have a passion for all things CofC!

So in brief…

What: Charleston 40 Recruitment

When?: September 5-7

Where?: Office of Admissions (below Craig, across from the Cistern)

How?: Pick up your application  & sign up at the Office of Admissions and return it by September 3rd! Then get ready for your group interview and mock tour on Friday, September 5 from 5-6:30.

Please feel free to email our Membership Coordinator if you have any further questions at .

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